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Belt sander rules / requirements

Belt Sander Requirements

  - All sanders must run on standard 110v power.

  - All sanders must use an unmodified factory manufactured sanding belt.

  - Sanders cannot be more than 24” in length.

  - Track guides and wheelie bars, or “outrigging” is allowed and encouraged to keep the sanders centered in the track.

  - The power cord may be shortened.

Classes – Design Parameters

  - Stock Class Guidelines
• The Belt Sander must be a standard product manufactured by a conventional power tool manufacturer.
• No modifications or substitutions may be made to the mechanical or electrical components.
• Non-functional decorations are allowed and encouraged, dress them up. Be creative!

Modified Class Guidelines

   - Not allowed at this competition.

Track Specifications

   - All races will be run on a 8 7/8” (approx.) wide track.

   - The track is 32’ long.

   - The sanders race side-by-side on a drag strip.

   - The track walls (side walls) are 3 1/2” above racing floor.

Race Info

   - Fayetteville Lions Club shall define the number and structure of the races the day of the races according to the number of competitors.

   - Starts: Two false starts and you’re disqualified. False starts will be defined as follows:
1. Moving across the starting line too early.
2. No power to the sander at the start.

   - Fayetteville Lions Club reserves the right to determine entry acceptance

    and race eligibility.

   - Each racer is responsible for the setup of their belt sander including the power cord hook up.

   - Any no-shows on a contestant’s part will be a forfeiture of the race with the winner moving on.

   - The maximum time between races for repairs, modifications, or any other changes will be five minutes in order to move event along.

   - Disputed races may be re-run at the discretion of Fayetteville Lions Club officials.

   - All decisions by race officials are final.


  - Entrance fee of $20.00 (all proceeds go to Lions Club Scholarship Fund)

   - Click on 2019 REGISTRATION to register and pay fee.